DRMC Community Benefits Reports

2014-Community-Beneits-Report-TN 2015 Community Benefits Report (Eng)

2014-Community-Beneits-Report-TN 2014 Community Benefits Report (Eng)

2014 DRMC Final Report_Spnsh(Esp)


2013 Community Benefits Report

2012 Community Benefits Report

2011 Community Benefits Report

2010 Community Benefits Report

2010 Community Benefits Report

Community Needs Assessments

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment



2013 Implementation Strategy

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment http://www.healthykern.org/index.php?module=htmlpages&func=display&pid=5017


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To comment on our most recent Community Health Needs Assessment report or Implementation Strategy, please email DRMC-CHNA@drmc.com

Community Resource

Visit www.Healthykern.org for helpful community health information in Kern County.