Emergency Department

Delano Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department serves more than 20,000 patient visits each year, making it the region’s primary provider of emergency services.

It is staffed and managed by physicians working for TeamHealth, an emergency medicine management company based in Sacramento, California. TeamHealth is dedicated to providing quality management and staffing services while delivering cost-effective healthcare to patients.

Triage First

DRMC’s five-level triage system is designed to streamline patient care and help the Emergency Department to rapidly identify patients in need of immediate attention. When you arrive at the Emergency Department, the triage nurse will take your basic information – name, date of birth and reason for visit – and determine whether those symptoms constitute a serious emergency, or if they can be treated in the Triage Room.

Once inside the Treatment Room, you will receive a thorough examination while being registered at the bedside. The attending physician will make the final assessment and determine if you can be treated and released, if further testing is required, or if you should be admitted to the hospital.

DRMC’s Triage Room and Emergency Department are open 7 days a week, 24-hours a day.

From the moment I walked into ER, I was treated with respect and in a professional manner. All involved in my care were compassionate, professional and made me feel like I was their only patient even though I could see the ER was getting busy. ~ Josée, Patient

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