New DRMC Services

DRMC recognizes that as the population of Delano (and the surrounding communities we serve) continues to increase, so do the health care needs. We are constantly looking for ways to expand and meet the growing needs of our community and so we are excited to announce the opening of two new services.

In partnership with Kern Family Health Care, DRMC has opened the Delano Diabetes Clinic, a pilot project for future potential growth.  The clinic will provide Kern Family Health Care patients with the tools needed to manage and prevent the common complications from uncontrolled diabetes.  The clinic has a team of professionals including a RN diabetes educator, a pharmacist, a dietician and a physical therapist/personal exercise trainer to assist diabetic patients with a well-rounded health care plan. If you or a member of your family are members of Kern Family Health Care and are diabetic, call your physician for a referral so that you can benefit from this new program.

In addition, DRMC Pediatric Therapy Services is now welcoming and accepting new patients in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language pathology services.

Both the Diabetes Clinic and Pediatric Therapy Services are currently located in the Triangle Eye Building. 

Delano Diabetic Clinic Brochure        Delano Clinica de Diabetes Espanol

1519 Garces Highway Suite 103, Delano, CA  93215 * 661-721-1497

Pediatric Therpy Services Brochure      Servicios de Terapia Pediatrica Espanol

1201 Garces Highway Suite 208, Delano, CA  93215 * 661-721-5337

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