Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyDRMC?

MyDRMC patient portal is a secure, online patient portal service that allows you, as a patient, to view your medical information on line and communicate easily with Delano Regional Medical Center and our clinics.

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What health information do I have access to in MyDRMC?

MyDRMC allows you to interact with Delano Regional Medical Center and clinics and provides you the opportunity to submit and receive health care information at your convenience.  The currently available features of MyDRMC include:

  • Appointment requests
  • Health forms
  • Personal health record
  • Track your health
  • Online bill pay
  • Access via mobile devices

Is my information shared? Is it secure?

Your private health information is protected and maintained securely by those members of Delano Regional Medical Center directly involved in your care. There are a number of security measures and standards in place (HIPAA, PCI, and other regulatory and compliance agencies) to ensure that your data is protected as you use MyDRMC.

MyDRMC was designed to give you access to your health care information without putting your privacy at risk. There are key features in place to be sure that your personal information can only be viewed by you and your medical practice(s). These include verifying your identity during online sign-up and login process as well as a security phrase that displays when you log in.

How long after registering for MyDRMC Patient Portal can I start using its’ features?

You can start utilizing the MyDRMC immediately after registering.  However you will not receive a response until after we’ve accepted your registration.  The acceptance of your registration will be done within 1 business day of being entered.

Labs or Diagnostic testing done prior your registration will not show up in the Patient Portal.   Only testing done after acceptance of your registration with the Portal will be entered.  You can expect your registration to be accepted within 1 business day of being entered.

I’m trying to pay my bill online; but it’s asking me for my financial number?  What is that number? (click on document image below to enlarge)

The Financial number is located mid-way down the statement right after the Date of Service information. If you click the help link it will also point out exactly where the number can be located.


Why can’t I see any of my records on MyDRMC?  I just saw the doctor the other day…

You will be able to view your latest laboratory results online.  Your medical records will not be on MyDRMC but is available to you when you contact the Medical Records Department at Delano Regional Medical Center.

Can I Access My Child’s Health Information Through the Portal?

Yes, if they are under the age 13.  After the age of thirteen, the link will be broken and the child will have to ask for that link to be re-established in writing

How Do I Change My PIN Number?

You can change your PIN number by using any of these three options:

  • Log into your account, go to the My Profile tab and click on “Reset PIN.”
  • Go to the portal and click on “Forgot PIN?”
  • Contact your physician’s office and request a new PIN.

What if I forgot my user ID or password?

Use the “Forgot Your User ID/Forgot Your Password” links on the main MyDRMC log-in page, which are conveniently located under the fields where you enter your user ID and password. You will be prompted to confirm information to have your user ID sent to your email account or to reset your password.