Press Release: Delano Regional Medical Center to Launch Patient Internet Portal

Delano, California, October 15, 2013 — Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) was recently awarded $300,000 from Kern Health Systems to develop an internet portal for patients.  This valuable tool will enable patients to communicate more effectively with the hospital and clinic caregivers and better manager their health care by using the internet portal.

MyDRMC Patient Portal will be launched in December, 2013 and allow hospital and clinic patients fast, easy access to their personal health information. MyDRMC is a personalized, safe, secure and completely confidential communication link between the patient and the hospital caregivers.

Through a secure Internet portal, patients can view portions of the medical record, including lab results, medications, immunizations andcurrent health problems. Patients will also be able to communicate with their caregivers, schedule routine appointments online, received appointment alerts, as well as view and pay bills.

“While MyDRMC patient portal is not a replacement for personal contact, it is a vital tool to improve communications between the patient and their caregivers,” says Sandra Bakich, Director of Information Management at DRMC.

Patients can access the portal from home once they have registered for an account and established a secure username and password.

“Our goal is to keep patients informed and involved in their health care every step of the way.  MyDRMC will enable our patients to always get the best medical care we have to offer, from anywhere and at any time,” stated Bahram Ghaffari, President, DRMC.

MyDRMC is just another way the hospital, partnering with Kern Health Systems, is fulfilling their health leadership role in local communities.

Delano Regional Medical Center is a fully accredited acute care hospital with five satellite clinics serving the city of Delano and surrounding communities.

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