DRMC Names Employee of the Year for 2011

Delano Regional Medical Center has chosen Diana Ochoa as Employee of the Year. Although it’s difficult to sum up the traits that make her perfect to wear the title, here is a sample of her character, her values, her commitment and her reputation.

Diana Ochoa

In August of 1990, Diana began her first day in the Business Office of DRMC.  At first glance she appeared to be a quiet, unassuming lady but as time went on people began to see an intelligent, kind, determined person who desired to learn and be the best that she could become for herself and the organization.  Within a year, she transferred to Medical Records working the night shift.  Today, she is a pivotal person not only within the Medical Records Department but has become essential to physicians, care coordinators, nursing departments and many other team members.

Diana’s primary responsibility as Medical Records Clerk is to assist physicians with their patients’ charts.  She doesn’t stop there….Diana chooses to go above and beyond to support, instruct, and be a resource for the physicians.  Physicians have grown to count on her when it comes to any issue relating to their charts.  They know they can always rely on Diana when they have an issue.  If she doesn’t have the answer, she gets it for them quickly. 

In addition, Diana doesn’t know the words “it’s not my job”.  She is always willing to help anyone to get the job done, and she is not afraid of learning something new when it is beneficial to the hospital, her position and the physicians.

Regardless of the situation, or the stress/frustration levels around her, Diana is constantly calm, reassuring and kind, showing the utmost respect for everyone involved.  She gives 110% every day to help make DRMC a great hospital.

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